Bickering Little Children

Knockconny   -  

A friend, who is a gracious, kind, compassionate, deeply rooted in God’s Word believer has five kids. ‘Steps of stairs,’ as we would say.

The youngest is around 7 and the eldest in mid-teens with the others in between. He’s been a good dad, always treating his kids with love, and respect, gentle but firm guidance and discipline. Perhaps that was why he was saddened to see and hear their bickering. The unkind comments the unjust and nasty accusations, the whingeing and complaining. The forgetting of ‘You are my brother/sister and you deserve better than this.’


Finally, the call came, ‘Dad!’ and he got up to go and sort it out, disappointed but resigned, that once again he would have to intervene. The love and maturity the ‘doing good, one to another,’ just wasn’t there yet.

With a rye smile and a sad twinkle in his eye, he turned to me, ‘I wonder is this how God feels when He looks down, and sees his family behaving like this.’ Does he feel disappointed and sad at his bickering children?’

I smiled and wondered too.