Do YOU Ever think about your baptism?

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A preacher asked this question recently and I was surprised to realize that I hadn’t thought much about that particular public display of Christ’s ownership of my life, many years ago.
The message was ‘we need to remember our baptism every day, even before we climb out of bed in the morning.’ I couldn’t think why.

‘Your baptism,’ he went on, ‘reminds you that you died with Christ.
‘Do you realize that God’s love is a deadly love? It works in you to kill the old man, the old person you once were; creating the new you that God is making you to be.’

He explained that every day we need to die to self – to the cravings, passions, desires, temptations, the will of our old selves; and choose to live and act as Christ would have us live and act. He encouraged us every day to ask God to help us die to self, and to raise up Christ in us so that we become more like Him every day.

Reading your bible, praying, and fellowship with other believers will also help. Think about things you have learned, the struggles you have faced and overcome. Grow the new creation fat and healthy as it feeds on the wisdom of God’s Word and the knowledge, experience and warnings learned by other believers.

Remember your baptism, die to self and be raised up anew, in Christ every day.

By: Miriam Anderson